Sustainable Living Expo comes to #KenCommFest16

This year’s Kensington CommUNITY Festival will include a Sustainable Living Expo providing information, education, activities and interactive displays on a whole host of sustainable initiatives including those that can be sourced locally.

The Expo stalls will provide information on simple things people can do at home including backyard chickens, edible home gardens, worm farming, shoe string gardening and the local herb share program.

You can make your own smoothie on a two pedal powered smoothie bike and chat to a local honey producer about bee keeping in the suburbs.

The Kensington Neighbourhood House offers “green” workshops throughout the year. Manager Carolyn Webster who is involved in organising the Expo stated “The workshops at the Expo will provide simple cost effective solutions that people can easily adopt at home.”

Pop-up workshops will be held every 30 minutes between 10am to 3pm around the themes Food, Water, Waste and Energy. Workshops will include “DIY Seed Saving and Propagating”, “Building Soil Fertility Quickly”, “Rainwater Harvesting and Water Saving”, “Make Your Own Green Cleaning Products” and “Food Forest Gardens”.

EnviroCom Australia will promote the Recycle Now project in Kensington and have their City Wide Recycle truck display and Recyclable Detectives activity for the kids.

Local Permaculturist/urban farmer Jacqui van Heerden is passionate about educating the community on sustainable practices. “I am so pleased to be coordinating the Sustainability Living Expo as there are many small steps that our community can take to help the planet and themselves on the path to sustainability. For example 40% of our waste is food, which can be composted putting nutrients back into our soil, rather than going to landfill.   There are 800 million city dwellers who are now growing their own food. And ecologists estimate that 25 – 30% of our greenhouse gas emissions are the result of us not growing our own food.”

Jacqui added “Our edible forest garden display aims to show how you can produce an abundance of food in a small space. We will also announce at the Expo our grant to establish the first public food forest in Kensington, which is an exciting project.”

The Festival will offer a huge day of fun for the whole family as Kensington celebrates its diverse community at the JJ Holland Park precinct on Sunday March 20.

The Festival is part of the Cultural Diversity Week’s program. Sponsors are the City of Melbourne, the Victorian Multicultural Commission, React Property Maintenance, Tormax and Spectrum Fire and Security.

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