Welcome aboard Bronze Sponsor, MSS Security

MSS Security has proudly been part of Kensington for nearly twenty years and the role of security has changed as the Estate has evolved.  The site covers 2.4 hectares and has 27 main blocks of flats with a dozen being for public housing, the rest is a mix of private and affordable housing.   Not only has our organisation had a long term commitment, the security personnel have also been onsite for many of those years, some for nearly a decade of continuous service. The Customer Service Response Team (CSRT), as they are known, have assisted in the Unison complex being part of the premier model for the future of public housing.  The role of security often bridges the gap between residents and Unison management.

Together the team look after people and property. The team conduct welfare checks on residents when required and are the lost and found ‘central’. They patrol the estate and are a smiling ‘visible presence’ also noting any issues whilst out walking.

MSS Security, because of our long association with Unison understand the needs of the community both in terms of the residents as well as the organisation, which reflects in positive outcomes.

MSS photo

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