Treading lightly in the “burbs”

The 2019 Festival is proudly a sustainable event.  We have a whole range of initiatives to help us all minimise waste at the Festival and to get thinking about how we can live more sustainably and reduce our footprint living in the “burbs”.

First up, getting to the event:

  • Catch the train to either South Kensington or Kensington stations. JJ Holland Park is a short walk from either
  • Catch the Bus #402 to Macaulay Road/Kensington Station, then stroll to JJ Holland Park
  • Ride your bike. There will be bike racks at the Festival where you can lock up your bike 
  • Or if you are super lucky and live close by – walk on down

If you travel to the Festival by foot, train, bus or bike, top marks before you even start your Festivities.

At the Festival

We are encouraging Festival goers to bring their own reusable cups, carry bags, food containers and water bottles.

Once you get to the Festival and you will see lots of easy ways to minimise our impact, such as 

  • Stall holders and food vendors doing their utmost to reduce waste by minimising the use of plastic and providing food in compostable packaging
  • Stall holders will reduce plastic or laminated signage and use calico/canvas signs instead using eco-friendly paints
  • No throw away plastic water bottles will be sold
  • Mobile bike racks
  • Waste processing stations with recycling, landfill and organic waste options. The organic waste will be transported to the Kensington Compost Hub
  • Wash up stations for community crockery and cutlery
  • Composting loos
  • City West Water drinking fountains

The Kensington Sustainable Living Expo provides information on many simple ways to live sustainably including local groups you can join or learn from. At the Expo learn more about

  • Backyard chooks
  • Transition Town Kensington
  • Melbourne Waste Management
  • Melbourne Parks
  • The joy of worms
  • Boomerang bags
  • Moonee Ponds Creek
  • Bees and pest repellent gardens
  • Tiny Homes
  • The Kensington Community Food Forest
  • Indigenous food gardens
  • Kensington Town Hall Compost Hub
  • Kensington Street Composting

The Mini Pop-Up Repair Hub will provide simple repairs for bikes, jewellery, textiles and small wooden items to encourage repairing items rather than throwing them away. 

We hope you have a wonderful day at the Festival as you learn about and enjoy how we can all tread a bit more lightly though our day.

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